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Investment in your project

We do not want your money, we want to share with you the satisfaction of the success of your project, investing in it.


At SMASP we are so sure that your project is going to be a success, that we are going to invest in it.

We want to help you with the development costs and accompanying you during the operation of your project.

Forget about development costs, they will be free.

Our hours will be our investment.

When your project generates benefits, we will receive the result of our investment (W2W).

Free prior audit

  • We will analyze your project to know its viability, our comments.

Free development costs

  • The development hours costs will be free.
  • Control of development costs.
  • Investment of development costs in your project.

W2W model

W2W (Win to Win / When You Win, I Win).

  • It is an investment in your project.
  • Development costs are computed as investment in your project
  • When your project generates benefits, the investment is recovered through dividends agreed at the beginning of the project. Facilitates the development of projects by alleviating the financial burden.
  • Conditions agreed at the beginning of the project.
  • Transparency and security.

The new business model of the company of the future, which is beneficial for everyone.


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