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SMASP is actively committed to innovation in the energy sector, with the aim of providing the Company with the possibility of using clean energy that is respectful of the environment. The innovation and development of disruptive devices are the pillars of development with the aim of increasing optimization and decarbonisation of the environment.

Fossil fuels have been the energy sources of the past and environmentally friendly ones will be those of the future. We are now in the process of energy transition between the past and the future.

SMASP participates in the evolutionary energy transition that is taking place towards clean energies.




The optimization of renewable energies is vital for green energy to be profitable and for the energy model to change.

SMASP is committed to optimizing processes, to leave a better world for our descendants.

An example of them is the project to automate the cleaning of parabolic trough mirrors in solar thermal power plants, with a minimum contribution of water the reflectivity of the mirror is increased and therefore its energy efficiency. 



At the beginning of the 21st century, many countries firmly bet on wind power generation. Now much of these wind turbines are entering the end of the machine's life cycle. Faced with this situation, there are two alternatives: the replacement by current generators or the lengthening of the operating life.

Life extension is a technique that involves analyzing and extracting data from components and calculating whether their useful life can be extended based on these data. It is a technique commonly used in the nuclear sector.

SMASP has professionals with extensive experience in life management in the nuclear sector.

This experience and knowledge allow us to offer life management development in the renewable energy sector. 


The second decade of this century

is going to be characterized by the appearance and implantation of great technological developments.

It is going to be a very challenging decade, because it is going to change from yesterday to the future. SMASP participates in this challenge looking for the relationship with the Society and with the people driving change.

We have reference personnel in Analysis, prototypes, designs for innovative developments.

Clear and preferential commitment to energy innovation.



In June 2020, the EU 2019/947 regulation on drone navigation will enter into force. This law will mean the opening of new services for drones, which were previously prohibited.

Drones are an environmentally friendly medium and will be a disruptive change in various fields.

SMASP is firmly committed to this new market by participating in different European calls for the H2020 program with a project for the transport of stem cells through drones.


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