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Opportunity for professional development

An interesting project, with an exceptional team, an opportunity for professional development


SMASP makes innovative, very attractive projects available to professionals, with a team selected for the project, so that you can develop yourself and bring out the best in yourself.

Analyzing the project, we look for the best professionals who fit both technically and empathetically with the project and a development manager, as a benchmark for integration.

An interesting project.

  • Innovative projects with practical applicability.
  • Multidisciplinary projects.

An exceptional team.

  • The best specialists.
  • An empathetic environment.
  • Online development, anywhere.
  • But organized. Labor inclusion

A collaborative environment.

  • Paddling in the same direction.
  • With the same objective.
  • Your contribution is very important.

A dedicated platform.

  • Access to the platform to the participants and the client.
  • Anywhere.
  • The platform covers development tools.
  • It allows you to work where you want, when you want and as much as you want.

A development opportunity.

  • An opportunity for your development, where you are important in the project, where you will have an important person as a partner, where you will enjoy working.
  • An opportunity where you can see, accompany and enjoy the results of the project in which you have worked.

A great opportunity.


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