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A remuneration that generates motivation

There is nothing more motivating than your work in addition to generating benefits for others to you.


Without you we could not do anything.

And we want to give you what you deserve for your work.

Enjoy the benefits that your work generates for the client, being a participant in them.

SMASP's business model is W2W (you win, I win).

  • Invest the development hours in the project and recover the dividends when the project generates benefits for the client.
  • You as the main shareholder in the project, will obtain the dividends generated by the project.

SMASP does not believe that you, as a person who participates in the development of the project, are a number and the priority is to obtain the greatest benefit from SMASP.

Our way of thinking:

We all must win.

  • The client with his project and with the benefits it generates.
  • You, who have participated in the development of the project.
  • SMASP as a company with the ability to obtain projects and be able to offer you a project and conditions,

The remuneration can be much higher than what you would get by traditional methods.

Work on what you want and enjoy the benefits that your work generates.


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